Kodak Brownie Six-20 Model D

Kodak Brownie Six-20 Model D

I’ve recently been slowly trying to edit down my camera collection and after managing to let two old pentax cameras go I thought it was ok replace them with just one… Fingers crossed it doesn’t leak too horrifically. In fact do I really mind if it does? …nope, after using it to shoot a roll (a whole 8 shots) the big bright viewfinders are so fun to use it’s simply lovely to play with!


Taken with a Kodak Brownie Six-20 Model D + portrait lens for 1/40 sec. Kodak Ektar 100 Film

Technical Specifications
I also couldn’t resist finding out as much as I could about the camera itself and found information on it fairly sparse. Here are the essential specifications you’ll want to know if you find yourself in possession of one of these…

Film –  620, This film is essentially 120 film on a Kodak proprietary spool. If the camera you have is lucky enough to come with one of the original thinner spools then you can get away with loading a standard 120 in one side and the 620 spool on the take up side. As long as you’re gentle when advancing the film it doesn’t seem to catch/scratch at all.

Lenses –  The main lens is apparently a 100mm Concave lens I haven’t yet worked out what the “portrait” lens is yet.

Focusing – The aperture is f11 so Hyperfocal distance for the 100mm/105mm meniscus lens is 12.7m/14m

Taken with a Kodak Brownie Six-20 Model D, In ‘Instant’ mode 1/40 sec. Kodak Ektar 100 Film